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Our Mission

Our Mission:

tm1Trusted Mentors uses the power of mentoring to help adults establish stable lives by reducing the chaos brought about by poverty, homelessness, under-employment, and the effects of incarceration. These person-to-person mentoring relationships improve lives by developing life skills and positive social networks that empower people to:

  • Remain housed
  • Make a positive contribution to the local community
  • Remain or become employed
  • Advance their education
  • Stay out of jail
  • Improve parenting skills

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We accomplish our mission by:

  • Providing quality training to equip volunteers with the resources and techniques needed to be effective mentors;
  • Matching adults referred by partnering agencies with trained mentors; and
  • Fostering on-going mentoring relationships by supplying useful information, guidance, and positive activities.


Our Vision:

Trusted Mentors is recognized as the leading provider of mentoring relationships that empower at-risk adults to remain housed and avoid incarceration.


A diverse and proactive board of directors and a qualified staff are committed to the development and expansion of Trusted Mentors that keeps it at the forefront of the social, economic, political, and physical issues impacting poverty.


Referring agencies utilize Trusted Mentors because it is an effective and professional organization. Donors make Trusted Mentors their charity of choices.


Our Annual Progress Report:

Click here to read our 2018 Progress Report (PDF)

Click here to read our 2016 Progress Report (PDF)

Click here to read our 2014 Progress Report (PDF)

Click here to read our 2013 Progress Report (PDF)

Click here to read our 2012 Progress Report (PDF)