About Us

What We Do

Trusted Mentors recruits, trains, connects, and supports volunteer mentors as they help adults at risk of homelessness, ex-offenders reentering society, and young adults aging out of the foster care system. Trusted Mentors is recognized as the leading provider of adult mentoring relationships that empower at-risk adults to remain housed and out of prison.

Who We Serve

Re-entering Society

Our Reentry track includes adults and young adults who are justice-involved. We are proud of our 82% success rate for re-entering adults. Our 18% recidivism rate compares favorably to the state of Indiana’s 30% recidivism rate, and significantly outperforms Marion County’s 46% recidivism rate.

Homeless Prevention

Our homeless prevention track includes people who are at risk of being unhoused. This includes people who are leaving homelessness, and people who have experienced chronic homelessness (defined as being unhoused for a year, or 4 episodes of homelessness over the past 3 years.)

Aging Out

Our young adult track includes those who are entering adulthood without a person to guide them. Adult mentoring is particularly important for young adults. Many children aging out of foster care experience periods of being unhoused and have a higher rate of incarceration compared to their peers.

Our Impact

Click to see the report of Trusted Mentors’ impact in 2023.


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