Please support these companies that sponsor Trusted Mentors’ mission.

Corporate Support

Your contribution is more than a donation; it is a long-term investment in our community.

Your gift ensures that those who are willing to work toward stability and success will continue to receive the support they need through mentoring. This translates into homelessness prevention, reduced recidivism for the formerly incarcerated, and successful transition out of the foster care system for young adults.

To receive more information from Trusted Mentors, fill out our Contact page and our staff will reach out to you.

Event Sponsorship

Trusted Mentors holds events and other opportunities for sponsorship throughout the year.

For more information, see our Contact page and our staff will reach out to you. Ask us about our customizable Event Sponsorship Packages.

Sponsoring an event is a great way to raise awareness of your brand among a large and diverse audience. Your support will make a difference – for your organization and for the success of the Trusted Mentors mission.