Mentor Resources

Information can provide options, reduce mistakes, and increase success. Increasing knowledge will help each person, especially as they use it to help make your own life better.


The list is not inclusive of all topics or resources, but it’s a good start!


Click here to access the Webquest PDF file, then enter the Page Number for the desired topic. (If you have any problems using the Budgeting links from the PDF file, use the links below to access those files.)


Topics Page Number
Introduction 1-3
Stages of Change 4-14
Link 1 (Excel doc)
Link 2 (Excel doc)
Link 3 (Word doc)
Community Resources 23
Employment Resources 24-42
Entertainment 43-44
Goal Templates 45-50
Healthcare 51-54
Healthy Behaviors 55-61
Mental Illness Signs and Symptom 62-68
Organization Tips 69
Safety Resources 70-78
Issues Regarding Self Care 79-84
Stress Management 85-95
Transportation 96-99


In spring 2008, University of Indianapolis Occupational Therapy students compiled a list of resources for mentors and mentees to use together and/or independently. Thank you for their assistance on this helpful resource.

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