Restored After Prison

In 2013, 90% of the adults in the re-entry track successfully completed the requirements of the criminal justice system. With the support of a mentor, they rebuilt their lives through employment and more positive family relationships.

Indiana spends $500 million dollars per year on incarcerating adults. When released from prison, employment and housing is difficult to find. Statistics show that 85% of new offenses happen when an ex-offender is unemployed. By helping ex-offenders remain employed, we are actively helping them restore their lives and contribute back to their communities.

In addition, when we help one person remain out of prison for a year, the state of Indiana is able to reduce the funds used for incarceration.

“When our employees come home from prison they have so many needs, including housing and transportation. But perhaps the greatest need, and one often overlooked, is the lack of social capital. Working with Trusted Mentors provides our employees with that important need – social capital. Trusted Mentors is a strong partner for our program.”
Greg Keesling, Recycle Force Inc

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