Success matters – and it should be shared

We desire to share our knowledge and experience outside of Indianapolis so other communities have a model to follow. We have implemented a limited licensing model that allows access to our materials and on-going support from our staff. We can assist new programs by sharing knowledge we’ve gained in our years of experience. 

[cta button_link= button_text=”Find Out More”] If you are interested in implementing a Trusted Mentors in your community, contact us.[/cta]

In 2010, Loring Sternberg and Associates reviewed the Trusted Mentors mentoring program in order to determine the impact on those served. This report reflects that mentoring can and does work based on:

  • How Trusted Mentors recruits and trains mentors
  • How Trusted Mentors screens mentees
  • How Trusted Mentors supports the on-going relationship

[cta button_link= target=_blank button_text=”Read the Report (PDF)”]Trusted Mentors is lowering re-incarceration and helping more people remain housed.[/cta]

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