Homelessness Prevented

Consistently, over 90% of our adults in the homeless prevention track remained housed while in contact with their mentor. With the support of a mentor, they remained engaged in the community, retained stable employment and lived more successful lives.Two men stand outside a baseball stadium

In the Blueprint 2.0, Indianapolis’ second Blueprint to End Homelessness, we as a community strive to make homelessness rare, short-lived and recoverable. To accomplish this, high impact prevention to ensure that people have adequate resources is essential. It is not enough to provide housing; new skills need to be learned, especially after periods of chronic homelessness.

One important need is access to relationships with people who can help build new skills, build confidence and encourage positive choices. Having access to a mentor plays a vital role in helping individuals and families remain in their homes.

Employment is also an important resource to prevent homelessness. Our mentors have assisted their mentees in finding jobs and then learning how to more successfully retain them, leading to longer periods with income which leads to more people remaining housed.

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