Become A Mentor

Two women, one holding a baby, stand on a sidewalk in front of a large buildingIf you are age 25 or over, you can become a mentor.

Mentors come from all walks of life. Whether you are a business professional or formerly homeless, your knowledge and life experiences can help one of our mentees make the positive changes they desire for a more successful future.

What is asked of a Trusted Mentor?

Mentors will:

  • Attend  training (two  2-hour sessions) and follow up interview
  • Meet with their mentees for an average of 6 hrs/month for a year
  • Help their mentee achieve their personal goals
  • Submit monthly reports to staff
  • Attend Recognition Nights with their mentees
  • Attend Mentor Coffees for on-going support

Studies show that successful mentors will:

  • Make a commitment to being consistent and dependable
  • Accept responsibility for keeping the relationship going
  • Respect the mentee’s viewpoint
  • Involve the mentee in deciding how you will spend time together
  • Seek and utilize the help and advice of program staff

What is mentor training like?

As we train you to be a mentor, we will equip you with quality training sessions, providing you with the resources, and techniques you need to be an effective mentor. In addition, our staff is here to provide on-going support and encouragement of your mentor/mentee relationship to ensure your success

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