How to Mentor

pic_2menMentors come from all walks of life. They include professionals and the formerly homeless. They share a desire to help end the isolation of poverty and to expand the support network of those working to remain housed. Both male and female mentors are needed. Married couples and families are also successful mentors.


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Here why you should mentor from a mentor!
Linda shares her story.


Mentors commit to:

  • Attend  training (2, 2 hour sessions) and follow up interview
  • Meet with their mentees for an average of 6 hrs/month for a year
  • Help the their trusted partner achieve their personal goal
  • Submit monthly logs to help support the matches
  • Attend Recognition Nights
  • Attend Mentor Roundtables for on-going support


According to studies of mentoring relationships, successful mentors will:

  • Make a commitment to being consistent and dependable
  • Take much of the responsibility for keeping the relationship going
  • Respect the mentee’s viewpoint
  • Involve the mentee in deciding how the pair will spend time together
  • Seek and utilize the help and advice of program staff


Interested in mentoring? Training is held monthly.


“A mentor can be there in a time of need.”
Amber, about her mentor Barbara