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pic_storiesby John, a mentor

The value in being a mentor is helping someone to help themselves.

by Barbara, a mentor

Being a mentor is a rewarding opportunity to give support and stability in life.

by Bree

Trusted Mentors really cares. They stay in contact with the mentees such as myself to make sure that we are really living up to our potential. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that we are worth so much more than a dead end job at minimum wage with no benefits. It’s easy to give up and get lost in the quagmire of “why bother no one’s going to care” .Trusted Mentors doesn’t give you $ or tell you where to get $. They have let me know what my options were and let me make my own decisions. They have been there every step of the way, helping me to be independent and to have confidence in my own decisions

by Greg, a mentor

I’ve found that being a mentor to Chris has benefited me, perhaps more than it has for Chris. I’ve enjoyed being a mentor to Chris. I’ve found him to be a warm-hearted, enjoyable person. Perhaps undeserving of the cards that life has dealt him. I hope that my time with Chris has benefited him as much.

When I started this program, I was interested in giving back some of good fortune I had , in dealing with my own misfortunes. After years of struggling with my own issues, of homelessness and coping with my mental-illness. I found the one thing that helped me overcome the cycle I had fallen into ,was pure and simple, just a friend, just someone that was there to listen. I hoped to provide that to Chris, and hopefully the rest would work itself out. I know too well the isolation and loneliness when coming off the streets. For me that was the hardest thing.