Stay connected with Trusted Mentors.

Trusted Mentors is making an impact on the community.

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Mentoring changes lives. Find out how you can make a difference.

Trusted Mentors is responding to a vital need in our community. By providing volunteer mentors to adults at risk of homelessness, or to those re-entering the community after time in prison, we are breaking new ground in Indianapolis.


As we support these community members with sincere friendship and positive ideas, they stabilize their lives and they succeed in reaching their new goals. We mentor change – and it matters.


“I am finally making things happen. I can say this because my life is finally turning around. The job I have I enjoy and I’m working more hours. I have finally opened a checking and savings account and I’m working to reduce debt… I’m reconnecting with my church and I’m looking at life from a different perspective. And I owe it all to Trusted Mentors and my belief that with God anything is possible.” —Temeika

Is homelessness a problem? Isn’t it their own fault?


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